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w/k–Between Science & Art Journal

HoulArt: Wit and Public Inspiration

In conversation with Anna-Sophie Jürgens, James Houlcroft (aka Houl) reflects on the knowledge-oriented, educational and inspirational role of street art – street art as public pedagogy – in the various media and formats he explores in the Australian capital and beyond.

Science as Art – Art as Science

"Entstehung einer künstlerischen Tatsache", a project in Jena, aims to facilitate a dialog between art and science. It also endeavours to establish art and culture in Jena in the longer term and to connect them with existing scientific institutions. 

Roland Regner: Arché

In his second w/k interview, Roland Regner begins by explaining the concept of his "Arché" work cycle and the series that it consists of. He then goes on to talk about the work processes used in three of these series.