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Here you can find all articles that are assigned to the categories Art-Related Scientists, On ‚Art and Science‘, and Art Theory.

Theatre meets Science

Berliner Ensemble and Helmholtz presented their joint project at the twelfth edition of Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation, a conference for science communication.

On: Art inspires Science

Can art inspire science? Peter Tepe argues it can, and gives examples of just such an influence. In doing so, he discovers that he is dealing with constellations in which certain forms of art have an impact on certain forms of science.

Hybrid Plattform

The Hybrid Plattform is a Berlin-based university initiative that works at the interface between art, science and technology.

VAST Discussion, Round 1

The first round of the discussion on the Visual Aesthetic Sensitivity Test developed by Karl Otto Götz includes texts from Gerhard Stemberger, Herbert Fitzek, Nils Myszkowski, Riccardo Luccio, Thomas Jacobsen/Barbara E. Marschallek/Selina M. Weiler and Roy R. Behrens.

VAST Discussion: The Plan

The discussion led by experts on the Visual Aesthetic Sensitivity Test (VAST), developed by Karl Otto Götz in the 1970s, will take place in four rounds from July to October 2020.

Ask the w/k-Editors 1

In this section we will publish and answer some of our reader’s questions that might be of interest to other users of our online-journal.