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Botanical Fictions 1 & 2: The Herbarium as Artistic Medium

Text: Lena Geuer | Section: Biology and Art

The works by Cuban artist Yornel Martínez featured here were shown as part of the exhibition Pflanzen und Meteoriten: kosmobotanische Fiktionen (Plants and Meteorites: cosmobotanical fictions) from 9 March to 30 April 2023 in the Faculty of Biology at TU Dresden. The exhibition project was the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Institute of Art and Musicology, the Custody of the TU Dresden and the Faculty of Biology. The following text analyses the significance of plants in Martínez’s works in two parts. In the first part, the series of works Jardín imaginario (imaginary garden) is discussed. Part 2 is dedicated to the political significance of flowers in the context of social protest movements.

▷ Click here to read part 1 in German.
▷ Click here to read part 2 in German.

Details of the cover photo: Siembra comunal: Garden of Dulce María Loynaz, Havanna (2019) Photo: Irving Alfaro.

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