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On ‚Art and Science‘

Here you can find all articles that are assigned to the category On ‚Art and Science‘.

Jean Painlevé: Thinking with Tentacles

The essay discusses the French filmmaker Jean Painlevé as a border crosser between science and art, and how the second half of the nineteenth century crystallises the interpenetration of art and science, namely in the fields of ecology and knowledge communication. 

Science as Art – Art as Science

"Entstehung einer künstlerischen Tatsache", a project in Jena, aims to facilitate a dialog between art and science. It also endeavours to establish art and culture in Jena in the longer term and to connect them with existing scientific institutions. 

VAST: A New Ball Game

The VAST can be considered as a training of aesthetic sensitivity; however, if one wants to turn it into a scientific test procedure, specific modifications are required.

What is Artistic Research?

In order to provide easy access for those who have not yet dealt more intensively with the topic of "artistic research," Angelika Boeck presents her understanding of artistic research.

Theatre meets Science

Berliner Ensemble and Helmholtz presented their joint project at the twelfth edition of Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation, a conference for science communication.

On: Art Inspires Science

Can art inspire science? Peter Tepe argues it can, and gives examples of just such an influence. In doing so, he discovers that he is dealing with constellations in which certain forms of art have an impact on certain forms of science.

VAST Discussion, Round 1

The first round of the discussion on the Visual Aesthetic Sensitivity Test developed by Karl Otto Götz includes texts from Gerhard Stemberger, Herbert Fitzek, Nils Myszkowski, Riccardo Luccio, Thomas Jacobsen/Barbara E. Marschallek/Selina M. Weiler and Roy R. Behrens.

VAST Discussion: The Plan

The discussion led by experts on the Visual Aesthetic Sensitivity Test (VAST), developed by Karl Otto Götz in the 1970s, will take place in four rounds from July to October 2020.

Ask the w/k-Editors 1

In this section we will publish and answer some of our reader's questions that might be of interest to other users of our online-journal.