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Science as Art – Art as Science

Text: Tabea Lamberti | Section: On ‘Art and Science’

The increasing interest in the connection of art and science has already been observable for several years. The focus is increasing on bridging the gap between art and science. In Jena, a scientific centre, the project Entstehung einer künstlerischen Tatsache (Formation of an Artistic Fact) not only aims to facilitate a dialog between the disciplines, but also to establish art and culture in Jena in the longer term and to connect them with existing scientific institutions. 

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Details of the cover photo: Artist Nahye Gu together with scientists Cláudia Vilhena and Zoltán Cseresnyés from the Hans-Knöll-Institute (Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology Hans Knöll Institute) Jena (2022). Photo: Anna Perepechai/Künstlerische Tatsachen.

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