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Future utopia or dystopia: Creative Writing with AI

Text: Jenifer Becker | Section: On ‘Art and Science’ | Series: AI & Art

Abstract: The implementation of automated text generation in writing fields is changing writing practices and authorship concepts: Artificial neural networks, such as GPT-4, enable new forms of creativity and collaboration. The downside of pre-trained models are biases, exclusive participation or language hegemonies. How do these aspects affect creative writing and storytelling processes? And what might a future of creative writing look like? The aim of this two-part article is to shed light on different dimensions of AI writing in order to think about a possible future by taking stock of current tendencies. The first part focuses on technical backgrounds of storytelling with AI. The second part focuses on collaborative writing practices, while highlighting the negative implications of storytelling with AI.

▷ Click here to read part I in German.
▷ Click here to read part II in German.

Details of the cover photo: DALL·E 2 (2023). Prompt: Jenifer Becker. 

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