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w/k-Editor Dr. Angelika Boeck Passed Away

Text: Stefan Oehm and Peter Tepe | Section: w/k-Editorial Team

Abstract: The editor in charge of the w/k-section artistic research passed away in 2023.

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of the artist and art theorist Angelika Boeck, whom we learned has passed away far too early on 30 April 2023, after a long and serious illness at the age of 56. She was a valued member of w/k’s editorial team since 2020. 

During a soirée in summer 2019, hosted by the Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani (German Study Centre in Venice) in the Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza to welcome the scholarship holders from Germany, our w/k-editor Stefan Oehm was introduced to Angelika Boeck. The conversation quickly developed as she expressed her enthusiasm for artistic research, a project very close to her heart. This very exciting field was not yet part of w/k’s core programme, and so Stefan Oehm spontaneously invited her to join the editorial team — an invitation she happily accepted. 

In her introduction as a new member of the w/k-editorial team in 2020, she wrote: 

My editorial work will mainly focus on the broad field of artistic research. […] In addition, I will inform – on the basis of research and discussions with corresponding institutions – about which networks exist and which programmes and funding opportunities are available for artists working at the interface of science and visual arts in general and for representatives of artistic research (especially art practice-based research).

Based on this, the following w/k-articles and contributions in German and English were published. As w/k is currently engaged in a multifaceted pros-and-cons discussion on concepts of artistic research, Angelika’s voice is sorely missed. 

▷ Angelika Boeck: Künstlerin mit Promotion

▷ Angelika Boeck: Artist with Doctorate

▷ Neu bei w/k: Angelika Boeck

▷ Introducing Angelika Boeck

▷ Künstlerische Forschung: Zeitschriften, Plattformen, Datenbanken

▷ Artistic Research: Journals, Platforms, Databases

▷ Künstlerische Forschung: Was ist das?

▷ What is Artistic Research?

▷ Fragen an die künstlerische Forschung

 Questions for Artistic Research

 Socially Engaged Practice-Based Research: A PhD Pathway for Artists

▷ Thomas Gartmann: Vertiefungen

▷ Thomas Gartmann: An In-depth Interview

▷ ChatGPT über künstlerische Forschung

▷ ChatGPT on Artistic Research

Details of the cover photo: Angelika Boeck (2015). Photo: Sebastian Fenk.

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Stefan Oehm and Peter Tepe (2024): w/k-Editor Dr. Angelika Boeck Passed Away. w/k–Between Science & Art Journal. https://doi.org/10.55597/e9427

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