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Introducing Angelika Boeck

Text: Angelika Boeck | Section: About w/k

Abstract: The core editorial team of w/k, which consists of Peter Tepe, Anna-Sophie Jürgens and Till Bödeker, strives to win specialists for certain aspects of the major topic “Art and Science”, which have not yet been sufficiently presented in the online journal. Recently Angelika Boeck joined the team, whom we warmly welcome. In her article, she explains which accents she wants to set in w/k in the future.

After finishing the work on the w/k interview Angelika Boeck: Artist with a doctorate, which was published in both the German and English version on November 7, 2019, Peter Tepe invited me to join the editorial team. I was pleased to accept this offer.

The interview was arranged by the w/k editor Stefan Oehm. By chance I got into conversation with him and his wife Karin during the 58th Biennale on one of the most beautiful roof terraces of Venice on the Grand Canal, that of the Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza – which today belongs to the German Study Centre in Venice (Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani). Well, a Prosecco can have consequences!

My editorial work will mainly focus on the broad field of artistic research. I will invite artists relevant to w/k to contribute and prepare theoretical discussions on concepts of art practice-based research. Some articles will be supervised by myself.

In More about w/k it says:

Terms such as “artistic research”, “art research”, “art through research”, “artistic research” and related coinages have been frequently used for several years.

“Artistic research and the various variations of the term have become frequently quoted and questioned keywords that have found their way into the reflection and practice of art academies, scientific institutes and (European) policy guidelines on culture and the creative industries. They lead to the foundation of new institutes, journals, societies, funding programmes, etc. At the same time, natural scientists, social scientists, humanities scholars and artists are critical or even rejecting the concepts, forms and programmes of artistic research”[1].

Sections 1-3 will present and examine works by artists based on concepts of artistic research. In section 5 (On ‚Art and Science‘) concepts of artistic research can be discussed. Only some concepts of art practice-based research have a scientific reference; these variants are of primary interest for w/k. However, the other variants are also considered in order to be able to make the clearest possible distinctions.

In addition, I will inform – on the basis of research and discussions with corresponding institutions – about which networks exist and which programs and funding opportunities are available for artists working at the interface of science and visual arts in general and for representatives of art practice-based research in particular. The publication of these articles is planned for spring 2020. I would like to contribute to further expanding w/k and making it a widely recognised platform.

Picture above the Text: Angelika Boeck (2015). Photo: Sebastian Fenk.

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Angelika Boeck (2020): Introducing Angelika Boeck. w/k–Between Science & Art Journal. https://doi.org/10.55597/e5641

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