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Volker Hermes: Humboldt-Hybrids

A conversation with Peter Tepe | Section: Summaries

Click here to see the article that is only available in the German w/k.

Many w/k contributions are only published in German. For our international readers we provide a brief summary in English:

In a picture series, Volker Hermes combines polyhedra found in Geometry with insect diagrams from historical scientific expeditions. Hybrid beings emerge that can only be depicted in painting. They raise questions as to how three-dimensionality can be represented on the two-dimensional surface of the canvas.

Picture above the text: Volker Hermes: Humboldt-Hybride (2014). Exhibition view. Photo: Volker Hermes.

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Peter Tepe (2019): Volker Hermes: Humboldt-Hybrids. w/k–Between Science & Art Journal. https://doi.org/10.55597/e5072

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