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Video Interview 1: Peter Tepe

Video: Riad Nassar, Till Bödeker | Summary

Summary: The first w/k video interview was shot during a visit at Peter Tepes’ atelier – on the occasion of his post in German w/k Science-related: Four New Series.

The editorial team has been planning video interviews with artists for some time. The interviews will primarily include questions previously developed from the w/k programme – improvised questions that arise during the interview may also be included. Each video interview is planned as a stand-alone publication, not just a supplement to another w/k feature. Riad Nassar and Till Bödeker are responsible for developing the model. The pilot project was a studio visit with Peter Tepe – on the occasion of his w/k contribution Wissenschaftsbezogen: Vier neue Serien [Science-related: Four New Series], that has been published in December 2019. This link to an already published article will be abandoned in the next development phase. However, interviewing the w/k editor first was also an obvious choice to ensure a flexible experimentation phase of the new format.

The video language is German, but the video has English subtitles. These can be opened by clicking on the gear wheel in the video menu and selecting Subtitles: English.

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