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Talk To Me – A Collaboration between Art and Science

Text: Natalie Sontopski | Section: Summery

For cultural scientists and artists, an examination of artificial intelligence (AI) requires interdisciplinary skills between science, technology, and art – but how can these be successfully taught? This experience report illustrates, on the basis of the experimental university cooperation My Home is my Burg, the attempt to deal with the interplay of technology and culture in an artistic-scientific way. The goal is to generate a deeper theoretical understanding of chatbots, robots and machine learning, as well as AI in general, and to bring forth the ability to differentiate between these systems and objects. It also aims to establish human-machine interaction. In this regard, artistic means are to be used to convey a more carefully handling of data as well as to create sensitivity with regard to dealing with ideas of normativity that are often inscribed in data sets.

Click here to see the article that is only available in the German w/k.

Picture above the text: Buchclubtreffen: Digitale Diskussion (2021). Photo: Natalie Sontopski.

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