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Roland Regner: Transformations

A conversation with Peter Tepe | Section: Summaries

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Many w/k contributions are only published in German. For our international readers we provide a brief summary in English:

Roland Regner works on a radical photo project: he transforms his entire archive of biographical photographs. In this article, Regner talks about a series in which he exposes biographical photos to a specific bacterium. This process makes them unrecognizable as biographical photos. To support the realization of the project, he collaborated with the Microbiological Institute of the University of Zurich. This artistic programme refers to the belief that photos never objectively represent reality.

Picture above the text: Roland Regner: Arché. Exhibition view Erinnern at Q18, Cologne (2018). Curated by Michael Stockhausen. Photo: Roland Regner.

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Peter Tepe (2019): Roland Regner: Transformations. w/k–Between Science & Art Journal. https://doi.org/10.55597/e5073

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