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Renato Santarossa: Glass Cooperations

A conversation with Helmut Ricke | Section: Summaries

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Many w/k contributions are only published in German. For our international readers we provide a brief summary in English:

The exploration of the artistic potential of industrially manufactured sheet glass is an integral part of Renato Santarossa’s artistic practice. He collaborates with industry, in particular with architects, to achieve distinctive, unique results with great impact. His works determined by architecture stand alongside his free artistic works which as wall objects or sculptures exclusively follow his artistic vision. His work can therefore be seen as a bridge connecting art and industry.

Picture above the text: Renato Santarossa: Modulo rosso (1995). Photo: Renato Santarossa.

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Helmut Ricke (2019): Renato Santarossa: Glass Cooperations. w/k–Between Science & Art Journal. https://doi.org/10.55597/e5162

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