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Panel Discussion on the Schönauer Exhibition

Text: Editorial Team | Section: Summaries

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Many w/k contributions are only published in German. For our international readers we provide a brief summary in English:

The exhibition ART INSPIRATION SCIENCE. Thomas Schönauer – The Engineering Artist was accompanied by a panel discussion on 29 November 2018 at the Haus der Universität, Düsseldorf. It began by examining Schönauer’s collaborations with the Henkel corporation and the Institute for Textile Technology at the RWTH Aachen. A crucial question that emerged from this event was: Can art inspire science and if so, how? Phases of the discussion can be viewed in the video recordings below which are central to the article.

Picture above the text: Thomas Schönauer and Simone Bagel-Trah at Haus der Universität (2019). Photo: Karsten Enderlein.

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w/k-Redaktion (2019): Panel Discussion on the Schönauer Exhibition. w/k–Between Science & Art Journal. https://doi.org/10.55597/e5163

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