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Introducing Anna-Sophie

Text: Anna-Sophie Jürgens and Peter Tepe | Section: About w/k

Abstract: Anna-Sophie Jürgens, the new editor-in-chief of the English editorial team, shares her visions for w/k and the plans for her new area of responsibilty.

The online journal w/k explores the interface between science and art – visual arts in particular – with a specific focus on individual artistic concepts, creative synergies and interdisciplinary cross-fertilisations at the intersection of the two fields and ‘two cultures’. Revolving around a set of genuine w/k-questions, articles appear in one of four characteristic w/k formats: articles by artists, articles about artists, interviews, and reflections on art theory. w/k is interested in ‘border-crossers’: in individuals working in both science and the arts; in artists using scientific methodologies and approaches; in productive cooperations between artists, scientists and industry; in scientists who use artistic methods  – and many more creative phenomena in between science and art.

Founded and led by philosopher, literary scholar and artist Peter Tepe (Düsseldorf, Germany), w/k has published more than 70 articles in German and in English since 2016, and will expand and internationalise its English section under my direction, as I have recently accepted the position of editor-in-chief. At my suggestion, a w/k-specific peer review procedure and an indexing system according to international publication standards will be introduced. In addition I will bring new thematic foci to the English w/k: Circus & Science, Popular Culture, Space Art and Arts & Technology.

On 03/01/2019 I officially started my work, but due to other commitments I will not be able to get fully involved until the second half of the year. The English editorial team I lead will work according to the same principles as the German team in order to maintain a coherent overall concept. A joint w/k article is planned for July/August, in which we will once again explicitly formulate these principles and officially present a few innovations.

Supplement by the publisher Peter Tepe

The online journal has included both a German and an English section since the first issue. As the w/k publisher I had the goal of establishing an independent English editorial team in the early planning stages. This has been realised with Anna-Sophie Jürgens joining our team as editor-in-chief for the English section, and I am grateful and excited about how she will help shape the journal going forward.

Picture above article: Anna-Sophie Jürgens (2018). Photo: Konrad Lenz.

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Anna-Sophie Jürgens (2019): Introducing Anna-Sophie. w/k–Between Science & Art Journal. https://doi.org/10.55597/e4353

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