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Herbert W. Franke VISIONÄR

Text: Susanne Päch | Section: Articles about Artists | Series: Exhibitions

Summary: In 2022, the Upper Austrian State Museum Francisco Carolinum is hosting the exhibition Visionär (Visionary) about Herbert W. Franke, one of the most important border-crossers between science and art. Franke is a physicist and speleologist, one of the founders of computer art and math art, and a leading figure in German science fiction literature. He has also developed a rational theory of art. At the interface between science and art, there are few who are as multifaceted as he is.

▷ Click here to read the article that is only available in the German w/k.

Details of the cover photo: Herbert W. Franke in the exhibition VISIONÄR (2022). Photo: Francisco Carolinum Linz.

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