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“Drone Art” between Visualization and Mediation

Text: Philipp Preußger | Section: Summery

Artworks of Drone art contribute significantly to societal debates about drone warfare. They make the act of war visible and critically engage with its origins, manifestations, and consequences. By using culturally embedded symbols, techniques, and representational practices, they combine aesthetics and ethics and convey critical perspectives on drone warfare. On the basis of two drone art works, this connection is exemplarily shown and contextually embedded. The intention behind this is to search for answers to ethical problems of the use of military drones with the exemplary examination of the artworks and by referring to philosophical and theological insights and experiences on surveillance and protection. Drone Art can be classified as technology-related art in the w/k system.

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Picture above the text: Mahwish Chishty: Reaper (2015). Photo: Mahwish Chishty.

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