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Swaantje Güntzel: „Can’t you make something nice for a change?“

A conversation with Peter Tepe | Section: Interviews

Summary: The interview traces Swaantje Güntzel’s artistic development from 2017 until now. In conversation with Peter Tepe, she discusses the intensification of her collaborations with the sciences as well as her artistic engagement with the reception of her own work. A third part reflects on the question of how sustainability can be practiced in the art world and what this means for one’s own artistic production. 

▷ Click here to read the full article in German.

Details of the cover photo: Swaantje Güntzel: Arctic Yoghurt / „On December 2nd, 2021 at 12.04 a.m. I ate a yoghurt and threw the plastic pot into the Ofotfjord (Norway)“ (2021). Photo: Jan Philip Scheibe.

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